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Kick your Muffin Top To The Curb With Coolsculpting

If you are lucky enough to book a beach vacation this summer, take a look at the clothes you are packing. Chances are, you are packing shorts, sun dresses, skirts, tank tops, and of course, at least one bathing suit. Have you lost confidence in the way you look in a bathing suit? If you […]

Medispa Advice For Sun Damage

Sunshine is good for the soul and bad for the skin. At , we take a holistic and practical approach to health. We are all very aware of the damage that the intense rays of the sun can inflict upon your skin. In a state that experiences as much sunlight as , it’s pretty much […]

Tucson Medispa: Prevention and Treatment of Sun-Damaged Skin

Witnessing a glorious desert sunset is one of the most amazing experiences that has to offer. summers offer an abundance of sunshine as well as heat, with temperatures soaring up to 120 degrees. With so much exposure to the rays of the sun, it’s important to take care of your skin. offers treatments to help […]