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Archive for November, 2017

Who Can Benefit from Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are extremely popular among people who are looking for a way to rejuvenate their face, but do not want all of the recovery time or the other challenges that are associated with surgical procedures. People want to improve the way they look, but they want to do this without feeling much discomfort. They […]

Fight Back Against Fatigue with Hormone Therapy

Are you feeling tired all of the time? If so, it might seem like life is passing you by. It might seem like no matter how hard you try, you don’t have the energy needed to get the most out of life. You might have tried making changes to your diet. Maybe you minimize the […]

IPL Hair Removal for Kicking Unwanted Hair to the Curb

Intense pulsed light therapy, or IPL, is an effective treatment for diminishing the appearance of unwanted dark spots. The procedure involves the use of broad-spectrum light energy. Darker tissues absorb the penetrating light waves and are damaged. The result is a shedding of the damaged cells in favor of newer, healthier ones. The same process […]

Who is a Candidate for BOTOX?

BOTOX® is the world’s most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment, and for good reason. It is considered the best way to get rid of dynamic wrinkles in a non-surgical manner. If you are sick and tired of the lines and wrinkles on your face, this treatment could work for you! How Does BOTOX® Work? BOTOX® is […]