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Integrative Gynecology

At Tula Wellness & Aesthetics, our gynecology team offers a full range of general gynecologic care. When it comes to gynecology in Tucson, we provide a variety of consultative and specialized services to meet the needs of adolescent, adult and geriatric women.

A woman’s healthcare needs vary greatly throughout her lifetime. To meet these changing needs, women have access to high-quality general reproductive care. Our goal at Tula Wellness is to provide high-quality compassionate reproductive healthcare for women of all ages, offering the greatest number of therapeutic choices to meet their personal needs.

Integrative Women’s healthcare is for all women! Patients can be anywhere in the spectrum of wellness. We treat women who are generally in good health, women affected by chronic diseases, and/or women who are ready to look at the entire picture of wellness and ready to make the necessary changes.

Dr. Arianna is no longer accepting gynecology patients at this time, but you are welcome to call directly to be placed on our waiting list! (520)-577-1129.

leaf-imgThe Initial Appointment

Initial appointments begin with an extensive questionnaire evaluating all aspects of wellness. A comprehensive roadmap to creating wellness is prescribed that may include traditional medical therapies, alternative therapies, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle changes, supplements, biofeedback, hormone replacement, or a weight-management program focusing on proper nutrition.

leaf-imgWell Woman Exam

We offer well woman examinations to review all elements of reproductive health. It is recommended once a year for most women. The exam includes a breast examination, a pelvic examination and a pap smear but may also include other procedures.

leaf-imgFertility Enhancement

There are several factors affecting a woman’s ability to conceive. These factors are often overlooked and unfortunately as not well measured. However, there is compelling data that supports the fact that hormones are not the only contributor to infertility and certain not the only factor predicting outcome. Lifestyle and in particular diet can play a significant role in maternal and fetal health.

Fertility enhancement consultations approach conception and pregnancy from a holistic view. Recommendations based on evidenced-based medicine may include acupuncture, dietary and supplement recommendation, and lifestyle adjustment. We will work with women preparing to conceive, trying to conceive, and in conjunction with women seeing a reproductive endocrinologist (infertility specialist).


All of your contraception needs can be taken care of at Tula Wellness. We have a dedicated nurse practitioner who specializes in women’s health and contraception. Make an appointment today for oral contraception, IUD placement, and emergency contraception.

leaf-imgHeart Balance

Heart balance consultations are designed for women with chronic or newly diagnosed hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, or heart disease. Patients are counseled on the best integrative medical approaches focusing on lifestyle and weight management. Patients can often significantly reduce the need for prescription medications after modest lifestyle changes and weight loss.

The heart balance program will evaluate specific physical and laboratory looking at inflammatory markers for disease. An individualized program towards heart health and total wellness will be prescribed based on lifestyle, diet, stress, and personal health goals. Patients will benefit from the dietary approaches that focus on anti-inflammation and blood sugar balance.

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To learn more about gynecology for Tucson patients, contact Tula Wellness & Aesthetics and arrange an informative consultation. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Arianna is the only provider in Tucson who has all of the different modalities for vaginal rejuvenation

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Your Gynecology will be performed in Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas' wellness center located in Tucson, AZ.

Real Patient Testimonials

To those who say it’s pill mill…I can see how you’d feel that way if you weren’t already clear on the results you’re seeking. But then, that would be true anywhere. If you’re not yet clear on what you want, anyone offering you something for the exchange of money will always feel pushy.
To all others, this Doctor and crew have taken a stand for your feminine well-being. They support the complete woman and theirs is a commitment to achieving results as naturally as possible. This is evident in everything – from the warm and friendly office environment and staff, to the physician that takes her time with you.
If you are clear that you are ready to feel, look, and be your radiant self, and you’d like a partner in the process, go to Tula Wellness.