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Urinary Incontinence Treatment

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Urinary Incontinence Treatment

We have had excellent results in the treatment of mild to moderate stress and urge incontinence. Nearly all of our patients who have had leakage of urine with sneezing and coughing and exercising have had partial to complete resolution of their symptoms.

Mild to moderate urinary incontinence can often be successfully treated with ThermiVa. ThermiVa is a gentle radio-frequency treatment done in the office, with no discomfort or downtime. Three treatments are done a month apart; treating both the vaginal tissues and the vulva.  ThermiVa treatments alone are enough for many women to stay dry. In addition there is increased vaginal moisture and tightening of the vaginal opening and the external vulva is treated as well to tone the tissues.  Women also report increased sensitivity and sexual response. We will do thorough pelvic exam and assess the integrity of the tissue and evaluate any issues with the sling of muscles that support the pelvic floor. In addition to ThermiVa to treat incontinence, we may advise some women to use vaginal hormones such as estriol, estradiol, DHEA or testosterone. These are available from your local pharmacy or may be ordered from a compounding pharmacy with the addition of vaginal moisturizers. These hormones are individually tailored to each woman’s needs, and are prescribed to work on the mucosa and muscular layers of the vagina to restore moisture and tone, which can help alleviate incontinence caused by post-menopausal atrophy.

We teach women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles with the aid of exercisers such as Luna Beads and Smart Beads which we carry at Tula. Some women are referred for pelvic floor physiotherapy. We work with numerous modalities to help women stay comfortable, continent and confident.

Dr. Arianna is the only provider in Tucson who has all of the different modalities for vaginal rejuvenation

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Your Urinary Incontinence Treatment will be performed in Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas' wellness center located in Tucson, AZ.

Real Patient Testimonials

The customer service was excellent. The Doctor was obviously very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the different procedures I was interested in. She recommended a treatment plan for my problem areas and now I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. On my way to living my best life!