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ThermiVa Testimonials

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ThermiVa Testimonials

These ThermiVa testimonials were written to Dr. Alined, Chairman of the ThermiAesthetics Women’s Health Advisory Clinical Board and creator of the ThermiVa technique.

I wanted to write you a letter about my ThermiVa experience after only one session a month ago. So far, pretty exciting and “Happy Happy!” Such a comfortable and pleasing treatment with absolutely no complications. Immediately I felt my labia and vulva to be tighter, a lot less saggy, and a definite “WOW!” in the way it looked. So much more moisture and less irritation in my jeans and softer and smoother skin. This started about 2 weeks after treatment. I loved the way I looked in front of the mirror and I felt sexier. Funny how a simple treatment can give so much confidence.

I am over 50 and I have never had a baby so I don’t have the typical damage down there or the looseness that many ladies have after childbirth. But I had some vaginal looseness that I wanted tighter and after the first treatment I definitely felt tighter inside my vagina, was able to have more muscle control, and did not leak urine anymore! I used to sit down and pee and then dribbled down my legs when I stood up. My muscle control was not good. That all went away immediately after the ThermiVa treatment! I did not have to wait two weeks for this effect. I could now stop and start my urine flow as I wished! It was really amazing to do that again after so many years of no control.

Dr. Alinsod, I wanted this treatment more for my problems with orgasms than the tightness or the dryness or the leaking so I have to tell you that ThermiVa is a Home Run in this regard. I don’t know what it did or how it did it but ThermiVa made my “sensitive spot” easier to find and identify! I can now find that “G-Spot” place that now gives me my ultimate highs! My climaxes are more intense, my muscles contract stronger and more coordinated, and I can come with my partner on top, which was not possible before treatment. Most of my improved stimulation is in that G-Spot inside and not on the clitoris itself. It is so nice to have orgasms easier and faster. I am not so stressed and focused on getting orgasms now and I enjoy sex with my partner so much better. So glad you did not have to do injections on my nerves like they do with the G-Shot and O-Shot. Too scary for me. Radiofrequency is less scary and obviously works with no pain. You have used radiofrequency for so many years so I trust you. I am so relieved that now I have something I know can help me with my personal and intimate needs. This is definitely a life changer that needs to get out to the world.

I will see you soon.

– A Very Happy Wife

I am a 53 year old woman who has had two children. My labia had become loose and a bit saggy and no matter how many Kegels I did, my vagina felt large and loose. Sex was ok, but I had lost some confidence in myself and ability to please my partner. I didn’t really know what to think about “the procedure performed”, but there was no down side to it. There was no pain during or after, no burning, no discharge, no mess. After the first treatment in a series of three, I was surprised that my labia seemed closer to my body and there also was some vaginal tightening.

It was after the second treatment that I noticed a significant difference. My labia were fuller and softer and my vagina was noticeably tighter. Sex was very good.

I had not told my partner that I was having the procedure. He is ten years older than me and has difficulty ejaculating during intercourse. So I was surprised when my new tightness created enough friction for him to alleviate that issue. Sex became better for both of us I could feel him more and sex was more pleasurable for both of us.

I did not think things could get tighter or sex better, until after the third treatment. But they did and I am so thankful to Dr. Alinsod for recommending this procedure to me.

I feel better about myself, more youthful and sexier. My partner is a happy man and our sex life, which was good, is now better than ever.

Thank you again Dr. Alinsod

– A Happy Hot Mom from the Inland Empire

Dear Dr. Alinsod,

You asked me to write about my experience so I hope you don’t mind that I am writing you not a very formal letter. I think it’s better if I write from my heart. Thanks so much for taking care of me this past year. It has really changed my life in so many different ways. You have been so kind and open with me. You understood my needs and insecurities as a dancer and adult entertainer. So you knew how important this whole ThermiVa treatment was for me.

When you first started ThermiVa early last year I noticed immediately how the texture and tightness of my labia majora improved. Super dramatic changes for sure which got rid of my camel toes. Gave me lots more confidence when I performed. On the inside I had more vaginal tightness and it just kept getting tighter. My boyfriend loved the way it looks and how I was suddenly able to have orgasms one right after another when in the past I had none before treatments. My two kids really messed up my vagina and I thought I would never have orgasms again! It had been over 5 years since I had one before you treated me. Now I have multiple orgasms and they are super intense since the treatments. They are the “good kind” of orgasms and they come within seconds of each other to about three minutes apart. At one time I had seven in a row, which was completely unbelievable. I used to have only orgasms with oral or manual stimulation but now I’m able to have orgasms with penetration. This is really important to me. When you first treated me I was a little bit worried that you got me too tight because I couldn’t insert my vibrators anymore. But now I don’t need them because I can have great sex with my boyfriend and have orgasms without the toys. I notice I am more aroused and more wet and don’t need lubrication anymore. I don’t know how ThermiVa has done this whether it helped heal some of my nerves or if it’s all in my head because now I feel healthier and sexier. I know the radiofrequency has helped both the inside and outside my vagina. Doesn’t really matter if it is mental or physical healing with me, it helped!

You asked me also if there were any areas I thought it didn’t help at all. Well, it didn’t help me with my urination because I really had no problems with it before treatments. I don’t leak when I cough or sneeze or jump around and exercise. I do have less feeling that I have to go all the time after the treatments. I don’t know what that’s about. One thing I did notice was that I had more control of my urine stream. My urination muscles are stronger and I can start and stop anytime I want now. Some other things I noticed where that my labia majora were softer and smoother but also more full feeling. I said earlier they feel more comfortable when I’m in tight clothes like jeans or bikinis.

So Dr. Alinsod, I will definitely be a regular customer coming to your office every six months. There is no way I want to lose what I have gained from your treatments. Have told all my close friends about you. Seeing you is so worth the drive.

– A Loving Wife & Mother

Dear Dr. Alinsod,

Now that I have completed all my treatments I wanted to give you my impression on ThermiVa. The treatments have really been wonderful and quite easy. I had no blisters, no burns, no discharge, and not a single complication. I had sex the same day of my treatments and I went to my gym immediately and it’s as if no procedure had been done. It’s crazy! Your design for ThermiVa handle so comfortable and very slim that I barely felt it being inserted and I felt just gentle pressure. All I felt was pleasing warmth on my labia and my vagina. It really helped that you were gentle and slow and did not rush. Putting a tampon inside is probably more uncomfortable than using your device. Your device was smooth and rounded and not scary at all.

So Dr. Alinsod, let me summarize how I felt immediately after your treatments and how it is now that I am months done. The first treatment definitely got me tighter and my husband and I loved it. It wasn’t’ immediate for me and it took me two weeks before I felt significantly tighter. I got tighter more after the second treatment and then even more after the third treatment. My husband said that my muscles felt stronger and that I had better grip and more noticeable friction. He loved the way the outside labia looked and he said it made a big difference visually. My husband said I look more youthful and pretty and appealing. Men are so visual. Appearance and comfort was so much better in both our eyes. Now I can wear my tighter clothing without the rubbing or at least not feeling irritated anymore. There was no difference in my vaginal moisture or how I got wet but that had never been a problem for me. My orgasms come quicker now with the same intensity and there’s been no change in the frequency of my orgasms. I’m not sure why my orgasms are better but perhaps it can be because of my improved appearance giving me more confidence and less self consciousness worries. For sure I can feel my husband more and I’m definitely tighter.

I couldn’t have multiple orgasms in the past now I’m able to have multiple orgasms for the first time in my life. I have more sensitivity. The strength of my orgasms are about the same as before but it feels better for some reason I can’t really explain. Anyway this is probably the best lunchtime rejuvenation available out there! I’d pay for this procedure over and over and over!

I’m so glad you included me in your study. This is really going to help so many women around the world. I hope you get this out in the market soon and train doctors from all over the world.

With sincere thanks,
– A Very Happy NorCal Mom

Dear Dr. Alinsod,

I wanted to write you a letter about the ThermiVa treatment you gave me over a month ago. I know I have two more to go but thought it would be important for you to know how your patients feel and respond after just one treatment.

First of all, ThermiVa was a gentle and comfortable massage-like treatment that caused absolutely no discomfort for me. It was nice for me to guide the treatments by telling you to go up or down on the heat. No anesthesia, no zaps, no numbing creams to use. I heard the laser treatments gave you little shocks or rubber band snaps that sometimes needed numbing. Glad to avoid that.

Let me start with the effects I saw on the outside and then go inside. My majora felt tighter and more snug, less bulgy and fatty, and much more comfortable in my jeans with less rubbing irritation. I had the problem with thickened skin (my dermatitis) and I can say that my skin now feels thinner and normal and I have less itching there. I really did not want to use my steroids cream anymore and this radiofrequency has helped a ton. I hope the next couple of treatments improve it more.

Internally, my vaginal definitely feels tighter in the opening and down deep. My partner certainly noticed the tightening and better lubrication and he was a very happy camper. I noticed more wetness too and was surprised how much it was when I was aroused, a very pleasant surprise. Getting to my orgasms took a shorter period of time, which was great. The orgasms felt amazing and quite different than my usual. It was better. The clitoral area was much more sensitive in a good way probably because there was some pulling back of my clitoral hood from the shrinkage of loose skin. It was not irritating and was quite pleasing. Inside my vagina on the G-Spot area was also a new pleasurable sensation that was very stimulating. It is hard to describe other than to say it felt really good. I am extremely happy with what I have experienced in ThermiVa Treatment #1. I will definitely tell others about this and will recommend it highly. The flights from Northern California are well worth it. Now I know why your patients fly in from Texas, Arizona, and from all over the world.

Warmest regards,
– Reborn in OC

I have now finished all three of the ThermiVa treatments and am still in awe of the results I have gotten. I can’t believe all this has happened to me without the need for surgery and with treatments that were comfortable, felt actually good,and were totally relaxing. And having absolutely no downtime was great. I could have sex the same day as the treatment, had no blisters, burns, or complications.

I was pessimistic at first after Dr. Alinsod did my first ThermiVa treatment. It only took half an hour and I was relaxed during the treatment of both my labia majora and my outer and inner vagina. I noticed some tightness immediately on the majora but did not feel a huge change inside my vagina during the first two weeks. I thought I was the failure for his treatments. So many other women had amazing and lasting results and here I was thinking “Great, it would be me that does not respond!” Then 10 days after the first treatment my vagina got really really tight! Significantly tighter! I felt better muscular control and increased strength in my vagina and urinary muscles and my husband sure felt that benefit! He also liked the tightness and softness of my labia majora and the moist smoothness inside my vagina. One thing I really liked was that my labia majora did not sag anymore and I got rid of the “Camel Toes.” Never thought that would happen without surgery.

I used to have this pain on the left side of my vagina, for decades in fact. It was always tender when hit. The wand that Dr. Alinsod used treated that area on the floor of my vagina, a very sore muscle probably, and now the muscle is not sore at all! There is no more pain, as if my muscles were healed. That sure makes a world of difference not and both Dr. Alinsod and I can’t really explain how a painful and sore area of muscle is now non-painful and working more strongly and more coordinated. I know radiofrequency treatments are used for sore and damaged muscles for professional athletes and physical therapy offices so now I can related to others who have had relief of muscle pain due to the healing effects of radiofrequency. Dr. Alinsod told me that it does encourage new collagen to form does help with tissue healing. I am a prime example.

There is one other wonderful thing I have noticed that got better with each ThermiVa treatment and that is the control of my urine. Dr. Alinsod did not do the treatments on me for the control of urine but simply to tighten my labia and vagina. When I reported to him that I leaked less urine, in fact I don’t leak at all now since after the first treatment, he told me that it was a pleasant result of tightening the “pubocervical fascia” that help with urine control and fallen bladders. I can hold my urine longer now, can produce a stronger squeeze to prevent accidents, and can make it to the bathroom in plenty of time.

Lastly, I also noticed that after treatment around my clitoral nerves and the supposed G-Spot, my orgasms are now easier to achieve. I can’t have multiple orgasms and my orgasms are about the same intensity but now it does not take me all night to get there! What a wonderful thing! I did not even have many orgasms before treatment and now it seems like I can get one on any lovemaking with my husband. I enjoy the lovemaking between my husband and I more and the stress and anxiety of getting that orgasm is gone. It is just a pleasure now being with my husband. That is worth everything. ThermiVa has really been a blessing for us. I hope it becomes available to all my friends and family.

With hope and happiness.