1. What’s Going On Down There?

    With aging comes changes in a woman’s body.  Vaginal moisture can diminish and the vagina can feel dry and rough, and cause discomfort.  The changes in our bodies and our sexuality are a less than welcome surprise for many women.   We assumed that with menopause came the dreaded hot flashes bu…Read More

  2. Reasons NOT To Try Cosmetic Surgery

    You’ve probably never heard anyone express their excitement about the changes in their appearance resulting from the aging process. The fact is that most men and women experience quite drastic changes in the appearance of both their bodies and their faces as they advance in age. Although people te…Read More

  3. Tucson Medispa Services For Men

    At Tula Wellness and Aesthetics, we understand the importance of bringing your best self to each day. Through diet, exercise, and self care, you are better prepared to deal with anything thrown your way and your overall sense of well-being increases. Looks aren’t everything, but you feel more conf…Read More

  4. Coolsculpting® In Our Tucson Medispa

    Embarking upon a personal health journey is exciting as you begin to experience the results of your hard work. As a result of clean eating and regular exercise, you feel more energy, less stress, and are able to sleep better at night. Perhaps you’ve dropped a dress size or two. As great as you fee…Read More

  5. Skin Care Tips From Our Medispa

    At Tula Wellness and Aesthetics, we take a holistic approach to healthcare because we understand that feeling good ultimately is the secret to looking good. We offer a variety of integrative health services to empower women to look and feel their best. Besides our integrative women’s health servic…Read More

  6. Kick your Muffin Top To The Curb With Coolsculpting®

    If you are lucky enough to book a beach vacation this summer, take a look at the clothes you are packing. Chances are, you are packing shorts, sun dresses, skirts, tank tops, and of course, at least one bathing suit. Have you lost confidence in the way you look in a bathing suit? If you have had a b…Read More

  7. Medispa Advice For Sun Damage

    Sunshine is good for the soul and bad for the skin. At Tula Wellness & Aesthetics, we take a holistic and practical approach to health. We are all very aware of the damage that the intense rays of the sun can inflict upon your skin. In a state that experiences as much sunlight as Arizona, it’s…Read More

  8. Tucson Medispa: Prevention and Treatment of Sun-Damaged Skin

    Witnessing a glorious desert sunset is one of the most amazing experiences that Tucson has to offer. Tucson summers offer an abundance of sunshine as well as heat, with temperatures soaring up to 120 degrees. With so much exposure to the rays of the sun, it’s important to take care of your skin. T…Read More

  9. Ultherapy®, A Noninvasive Treatment For Sagging Skin

    Advancing in age comes with benefits, such as wisdom, knowledge, stability, and financial security. The trivial matters that you wasted so much time on in your twenties have almost completely disappeared. You refuse to spend time with toxic people who drain you of all your energy, and you have no pr…Read More