Let’s face it. Sex drive is idiosyncratic. What you consider normal may be viewed as high or low by someone else. But no one disputes that testosterone production can impact sexuality. If you suffer from Low T, you could really benefit from testosterone therapy in Tucson.

Testosterone and Sex Drive

When we talk about hormones, we often classify them into groups; women have estrogen while men have testosterone. However, that’s not entirely true because both hormones are present in both sexes.

In fact, testosterone plays a major role in women’s bodies. Balanced hormone levels help keep bones healthy and manage pain. It’s also an important element needed for a healthy sex drive.

Apart from stimulating desire, it intensifies arousal, enhances vaginal lubrication, and enhances sexual satisfaction. That’s why low testosterone levels can adversely impact a woman’s libido.

Testosterone is equally important for a man’s libido. It improves sexual desire, strengthens erections, enhances performance and leads to better orgasms.

Testosterone levels increase in the teenage years and in the early twenties before starting to decline. During childbearing years, women experience numerous changes in hormone levels due to pregnancy. But menopause is often responsible for the greatest decline in the production of testosterone.

Men’s testosterone levels start declining from their twenties to thirties and continue throughout life. A middle-age man can suffer from about 20% decline. This can adversely affect his sex drive. But all is not lost. Testosterone therapy in Tucson can bring about tremendous benefits in your sexual performance.

How Testosterone Therapy Improves Sex Drive

Men suffering from low T can benefit immensely from testosterone therapy in Tucson. The treatment can increase your ability to achieve an erection, sustain an erection for a longer time and help with morning erections, sperm production, and ultimately sexual desire. Women receiving the treatment also report experiencing improved sex drive and other benefits.

Learn More About Your Hormone Levels

Testosterone therapy could revive your sex drive and performance. If you want to learn more about the treatment, simply consult the experts at Tula Wellness & Aesthetics in Tucson, AZ. Contact us today to book an initial appointment and get started!