Facials are a great way to relax and achieve glowing, rejuvenated skin. At Tula Wellness & Aesthetics, we offer medical-grade facials for our patients looking to improve the look and texture of their skin. This can be achieved in many ways including dermaplaning. With dermaplaning, our most gentle facial, a licensed aesthetician will use a special tool to exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells. It will also remove unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz, leaving you with smoother, softer skin.

A Stand-Alone Treatment or Add-On

Dermaplaning can be used as a stand-alone treatment but is gentle enough to add to one of our other facials. Our dermaplaning facial includes a special infusion that promotes deep hydration and brightens, firms, and improves skin tone.

Makeup Looks Better Than Ever

After receiving a dermaplaning treatment, you will notice that makeup goes on easier and smoother than before. Often, makeup will cling to the tiny hairs on the face, causing a cakey, uneven look. The treatment removes these hairs, creating the appearance of baby-smooth skin and allowing makeup to look better than ever.

Creates a Glowing Complexion

If you are looking for glowing skin and are tired of trying at-home treatments with no results, dermaplaning may be for you. Patients love the glow and brightness of their skin after the treatment.

Skin Care Products are More Effective

Like any exfoliating treatment, removing the dead skin cells allows skin care products to soak deeper into the skin. After dermaplaning, many patients find they use fewer products with better results and more lasting hydration.

Non-Invasive and No Downtime

Dermaplaning is different than other facial treatments. It is completely non-invasive, requires no set downtime, and no harsh chemicals are used in the process. Makeup can be applied right after the treatment, and normal activity can be resumed. This is great for patients who need to get back to work or have plans after their facial.

Can Be Performed Often

Unlike other facials which require months between treatments, dermaplaning can typically be performed every few week or so. We can help set a schedule for your facial treatments based on your skin type and other factors.

If you’re interested in experiencing glowing, radiant skin with no downtime, dermaplaning may be for you. Our experts at Tula Wellness & Aesthetics in Tucson, AZ are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation!