It all started with someone challenging me to do ONE thing this week to honor myself. Sooooo… I finally took a yoga class for peace and a return to balance. I found incredible JOY in an African dance class (also an insane hour and half workout) with African drumming that took me back to college days in West Africa, and calm and relaxation with massage and foot reflexology. I spend the majority of my day reminding women that they need to take care of themselves so that they can be their best. The usual response is, “I’m busy with work and the kids, and the family…blah blah blah” Fill up your cup so you can pour back into the ones you love. Admittedly, I have not practiced what I preach for a moment. So I’m challenging you ladies (and even the guys)…Do ONE thing this week to honor yourself. Take that baby step towards your health, wellness, balance, and peace of mind. #makeithappen