At Times, the difference between what you currently weigh and what you want to weigh can be far-reaching. This holds true even if you want to lose just 10 pounds. The average American woman weighs over 160 pounds, up from 1960 when the average weight for a woman was 140 pounds. If this trend continues, you can expect your granddaughter to weigh 190 pounds.

Many women are in need of a lifestyle change, they are in need of nutritional guidance and your wellness center in Tucson can help. If you are ready to change your life by losing weight, here are just a few surprising benefits you will enjoy.

You Will Have More Money

People who maintain a healthy weight spend over 40 percent less in medical costs and health expenses than their overweight peers. These savings are more than just a few dollars here and there. In fact, those who are overweight spend nearly $1,500 more per year in health-related costs than their skinnier counterparts. That is a big chunk of change.

Increased Energy

After you drop those added pounds, you will discover you have so much more energy to burn. This is in part because you are eating more nutritious food, but also because you are carrying around less weight. In addition, your body uses less oxygen when you are at a healthy weight, which means climbing those stairs won’t get you as winded as before.

You Become Popular

It makes perfect sense; people notice that you have lost weight, look great and feel even better, so they will want to know how to accomplished it.They will come to you for inspiration. In turn, you will be honest with them and share what worked for you and the challenges you had to overcome.

You Will Love Your Couch Less

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Back in the day, before you lost that weight, those extra pounds were weighing you down and straining your muscles and joints. You were also tired all of the time and all you wanted to do is lounge on the couch. But now that you are at a healthy weight, you feel better, have more energy and would rather ride your bike than slump on the couch.

You Might Get A Raise

This is aggravating but true: Your boss might treat you better after you have lost weight. Studies show obese women make nearly three percent less than co-workers with healthy weights. Dropping weight may also increase your chances of getting that promotion.