Collagen induction therapy is one of the latest and greatest skin treatments in the world today. Typically used to treat multiple dermal issues, the results tend to last much longer than many other non-surgical treatments. The procedure has numerous benefits that include but are not limited to:

Rejuvenates Your Skin

Collagen induction therapy stimulates your skin to produce collagen and elastin, naturally causing your skin to be devoid of wrinkles, unwanted lines, and other issues. The treatment triggers natural changes that can alleviate lines and thinning of your skin.

Diminishes Scars

The procedure has also been found to improve the appearance of your skin through scar diminishing. Various kinds of scars including acne or those sustained as a result of surgery and accidents can be treated rapidly. The collagen produced usually helps new, healthy skin cells to be created, covering the old, scarred ones in their wake.

Treats Hyperpigmentation

Your skin may develop dark spots and patches due to acne, wounds or excessive exposure to harmful sun rays. Collagen induction therapy promotes shedding of the upper layer of your skin that may have been affected by these conditions, hence leaving behind evenly toned skin.

Before having any procedure done on your skin, make sure you consult extensively with professionals on their safety and expected results. For further information and guidance on collagen induction therapy, visit Tula Wellness & Aesthetics in Tucson. Contact us today to book your initial appointment.