You have a serious problem that is affecting your relationship in a negative way. It’s something beyond your control. You are experiencing problems when it comes to sexual intimacy. It is painful every time that you are intimate. You have tried lubricants and other products that are supposed to make the experience more enjoyable, but nothing has worked. Your discomfort makes it impossible to enjoy yourself. You can’t experience an orgasm or even have a positive response. You’re at the point that you fear sexual intercourse because of the pain. Your unwillingness and lack of interest in the bedroom get in the way with your partner. You have tried to explain it, but your partner doesn’t understand. You owe it to yourself to find relief from your pain. You can take charge of your reproductive health and find answers with female sexual dysfunction consultations at our office. Find out what solutions are available for you.

What Can Female Sexual Dysfunction Consultations Do for You?

We warmly invite you to come in for a consultation concerning your symptoms. Your problem may be due to a condition known as female sexual dysfunction. Many women experience vaginal issues at some point in their lives that make intimacy difficult. In order to find out why you are experiencing your symptoms, you need to get answers from a qualified medical professional. During your consultation, you will need to explain what type of problems you have encountered when it comes to sexual intimacy. You can also talk about your medical history, if you have had any children, and if you have experienced problems with your reproductive health in the past. Our medical professionals will be looking for any reason that you may be experiencing discomfort or a lack of libido. From there, a customized treatment can be created.

What are Possible Treatments for Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Once you have been evaluated, you may be given a combination of possible solutions for your female sexual dysfunction. There are a variety of treatments available at Tula Wellness & Aesthetics in Tucson that could be helpful. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started.