Urinary incontinence is an issue that is often associated with children and those in their senior years. However, it is actually not uncommon for it to affect people of all ages, particularly young or middle-aged women. Post-pregnancy urinary incontinence is fairly common. This can make work or other daily activities a struggle. It is a problem that can cause embarrassment and have a huge impact on self-confidence levels. Fortunately, there are solutions to this embarrassing problem. If you are a woman experiencing urinary incontinence, contact Tula Wellness & Aesthetics for more information on vaginal rejuvenation.

There are various steps you can take to deal with urinary incontinence, and this can make a big difference in many aspects of your life. By taking the right steps, you can take back control. Some of the main ones you may want to consider include:

Drinking Less

If you drink a lot of fluids, you will naturally have a full bladder more often – which is never great if you suffer from this type of problem. Therefore, consider reducing your fluid intake if it is above average. This is not to say to dehydrate yourself – drink what is necessary, but not more.

Use the Bathroom Regularly

Keep a diary of times you usually need to go. Make using the restroom a part of your routine so you can avoid potential mishaps.

Use Special Incontinence Products

You will find a wide range of products designed to help those with urinary incontinence these days. This includes pads and pants that are able to absorb the liquid and lock in any odor. These can prove very effective for those that have to go out and about during the day and are concerned about leakage.

Consider Professional Treatment with True Experts

If you would like to know more about treatment for urinary incontinence, simply get in touch with us at Tula Wellness & Aesthetics in Tucson. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!