While you might visit your wellness center in Tucson to get advice on the importance of proper nutrition, there are obvious foods you should avoid. One of the best parts about becoming a grown up is that you finally enjoyed the freedom to eat whatever you wanted. But when the effects of what you eat started kicking in, it is a rude awaking that many of the foods you love aren’t without a negative consequence. And even if you don’t feel any different than you did in your teens and twenties, changes that occur in your body in your thirties mean you really need to watch what you eat. Here is a short list of foods that should never pass your lips after you hit thirty.


Sure, they were one of your favorite breakfast items as a kid and teenager, but now you need to step away from the Pop-Tarts. If you are over thirty, you are now a grown up and you need to start eating like one. It is not a good thing if you are getting over a day’s worth of sugar before you even leave for work. Diets high in sugar cause a plethora of health problems. So drop the Pop-Tart and pick up a banana instead.

Oreo Cookies

Here is another food that no doubt brings back some fond memories. Many of us rushed home from school and were greeted with a couple of these delights and a glass of milk. In addition to being quite tasty, Oreos were a fun food that could be enjoyed in many ways. Unfortunately, all they offer are empty calories and expanded waistlines.


Margarine and other butter alternatives are often made with partially-hydrogenated oils, a common trans-fat. If you haven’t heard the news, this is the type of fat that has been linked to heart disease. You might not also know that this type of fat accelerates the skin’s aging process by making it more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. Bummer.



We know you love bacon and you know it’s not good for you. So stop eating it already.

Hot Dogs

If you’re a guy who likes to eat a lot of hot dogs, you should know that processed meats lower sperm count and sperm quality. Just thought you should know.

Sports Drinks

Sure, Gatorade and other sports drinks provide critical post-workout electrolytes like potassium and sodium, but they also serve up a heap of calories. You don’t need that added sugar. So no matter how hardcore your Crossfit class may be, drink water instead.