Platelet-rich-plasma therapy has been around since the 1970s, but the benefits are just now being publicly recognized. Platelets are the smallest cellular elements of human blood that contain some growth factors that have important roles in blood clotting, wound healing, tissue restoration, bone healing, and urological procedures. Recent studies have confirmed that these healing factors also have many cosmetic applications to treat facial aging, skin discoloration, hair loss, and other issues. For more information on a PRP procedure, contact Tula Wellness & Aesthetics in Tuscon.

How the PRP Procedure Works

The PRP procedure starts with a blood sample and isolating the platelet-rich-plasma fraction of it. Then, the PRP is applied to the target area. The high platelet count allows faster healing and higher oxygen levels to rejuvenate the tissue and increase blood supply to the target area.

Types of Procedures

Since PRP helps promote faster healing and new cells, it can be performed in various situations to support healing and renewal.

Treating Hair Loss with PRP

Choosing the right treatment for hair loss depends on age, genetics, hormones, hair pattern, and the amount of hair loss. The platelet-rich-plasma treatments promote a longer life cycle, and there are no side effects. We use the PRP in the target areas of the scalp. The treatment usually calls for multiple sessions.

PRP for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Tula Wellness & Aesthetics is proud to use PRP for certain vaginal rejuvenation treatments. When a PRP procedure is used in conjunction with another treatment, it has been proven to soften skin and relieve dryness without the use of hormones. It tightens the vagina at the introits and the full lengthening of the vaginal canal. It can also reduce noticeable sagging and tighten the labial tissue, along with increased sensitivity and muscular contraction, resulting in higher sexual satisfaction.

Patients whose feminine wellness has suffered due to multiple childbirths or the natural effects of aging should consider these treatments. The procedure has even been known to reduce leaky bladder and labial irritation. Along with promoting new collagen, it also tightens the tissues.PRP procedures further enhance the effects of other procedures in addition to being effective on their own. To schedule a consultation and learn more about PRP procedures, call Tula Wellness & Aesthetics in Tuscon. Contact us today to book a consultation!