As men advance in age, their testosterone levels diminish. To refuel energy and reignite their sex life, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) comes in handy for aging men. Before you take up TRT shots or gels, you want to know if you’re a good candidate or not. It’s important you discuss the use of TRT with a true expert. Understanding your health and what you expect to get from testosterone therapy in Tucson allows you to make an informed decision.

What Does Testosterone Do in the Body?

Your body naturally synthesizes the testosterone hormone in the testicles that helps to maintain bone density, sperm production, and sex drive. It also helps with the production of erythrocytes or RBCs and the building of muscle mass. Testosterone hormone binds to androgen receptors, which are proteins found in an individual’s body and brain that help in regulating various bodily functions. An insufficient level of testosterone makes the androgen receptors remain silent, something that leads to symptoms and signs like weak erections, low libido, decreasing orgasms, low energy, feeling a little blue, or inability to build your muscle mass. Testosterone therapy in Tucson can help restore these bodily functions.

Diminishing Testosterone in the Body

During adolescence and through early adulthood, it’s the time you have peak levels of testosterone. A man will lose about 1 percent of their testosterone after the age of 30 and say, 2 percent after 40. If you are experiencing symptoms that indicate the possibility of having low levels of the hormone, you want to know if that situation is arising because of normal aging or it is a result of a disease like hypogonadism before you consider testosterone therapy in Tucson.

If you feel you are having low testosterone amounts and want to kick-start a younger, more energetic lifestyle or go back to feeling great, testosterone therapy could be a perfect fit for you. Talk to the wellness experts at Tula Wellness & Aesthetics in Tucson to find out how testosterone therapy can help you. Contact us today to book a consultation!