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At Tula Wellness, we are here to help guide you through the health and nutrition maze. Below, we have provided several resources and links that will serve as useful information on your journey to health and wellness. Check out what’s trending in the health world and find useful health and wellness tools. Discover delicious, healthy recipes and get INSPIRED with information to keep you healthy.

Food Plans/Recipes

Food Labels Guide

Elimination Food Plan Resources:

Elimination Diet: Comprehensive Guide
Elimination Diet: Food Plan
Elimination Diet: Weekly Planner & Recipes
Food Reintroduction Tracker
Foods Suitable on a Low-Fodmap Diet

Cardiometabolic Food Plan Resources:

Cardiometabolic Food Plan: Comprehensive Guide
Cardiometabolic Food Plan: Calorie Determination Worksheet
Cardiometabolic Food Plan: Planner
Cardiometabolic Food Plan: Weekly Planner & Recipes
Cardiometabolic Food Plan: Planner 1200-1400 Calories
Cardiometabolic Food Plan: Planner 1400-1800 Calories
Cardiometabolic Food Plan: Planner 1800-2200 Calories


Berberine, Blood Sugar, and LDL
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Lifestyle Tips

Trends & Topics

What Contributes to a “Pro Inflammatory” Lifestyle?
Stress Management
Suggestions for Better Sleep
What is Functional Medicine?
Your Functional Medicine Prescription


Women’s Reading List

Supplements Central

Vitamin D – A Requirement for Healthy Living
Favorite Herbal Infusions


Brain Stress Response Diagram
What is the Hamilton Depression Scale?

Gut Health:

Candida Questionnaire
Better Butter for the Gut
Breastfeeding Benefits
Dietary Sources of Arachadonic Acid Cascade
Fiber Facts

Food & Nutrition:

Artificial Sweeteners
Health Benefits of Nuts
Which Fish has the most EPA/DHA?

Thyroid Health:

Thyroid Questionnaire
Understanding Thyroid Tests – Diagram
Understanding Thyroid Tests
Understanding Factors that Affect the Thyroid
Understanding Factors that Affect the Thyroid – Diagram

Adrenal Health:

Adrenal Exhaustion

Understanding Perimenopause/Menopause:

Perimenopause to Menopause
Hormonal Imbalance Questionnaire
Sleep Questionnaire


Explore your DNA with the largest DNA ancestry service in the world! 23andMe
Peri Operative Surgical Support Protocol
Consolidated Functional Medicine Glossary


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